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African Financial & Economic Data (AFED), a product of Exchange Data International (EDI), has been compiled by Emerging Market and Global Market Data Experts

African Financial & Economic Data is a powerful resource that has been collated from multiple sources to provide you with an unparalleled reference source and a detailed overview of all 54 African economies and their financial market information.

AFED gathers all the data, translates documents where necessary and more importantly puts everything together in a standardized format to provide researchers with direct access to the data they need.

The Information can be used for:

  • Research and Analytics
  • Thought Leadership and Opinion
  • Risk Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Collaborative and Outreach Projects
  • Strategy and Capability Building
  • Fund Management
  • M&A Activity
  • Commercial Investment

With African Financial & Economic Data you can:

  • Leverage data and forecasts sourced from as far back as records allow.
  • Easily compare different information suppliers reporting the same indicator. African Financial & Economic Data is unique in the fact that data is always accredited and normalised.
  • Use African Financial & Economic Data’s powerful search tool to rapidly locate indicators of interest and to retrieve data rapidly.

If you want to improve your footprint in Africa, it makes sense for you to explore African Financial & Economic Data.

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