Africa Development Data Explorer (ADDaX)

56,000+ Indicators                  45+ Million Records             54 African Countries

Powered by African Financial & Economic Data’s (AFED) database, ADDaX is the fastest and most accurate academic resource for African reference data. While AFED focuses on financial and economic information, ADDaX provides valuable insight into politics and development questions. The process and production team of ADDaX maintains close relationships with software and data partners to ensure that its reference data is the most up-to-date.

Using ADDaX: Research Examples

  • Research in which African countries women are experiencing the most positive trends in health outcomes
  • Compare the GDP of South Africa pre- and post- Apartheid
  • Track the impact of the Arab Spring on the countries of the Maghreb (Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya)
  • Analyze data to determine the health of the Nigerian economy during the past 10 years
  • Find out which countries have the most construction, whether in housing or commercial buildings
  • Evaluate which African country has the most foreign direct investment
  • Investigate how human population change impacts the environment/water/wildlife situation in different African countries
  • And much more
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