15 Mar

African Financial & Economic Data Introduces 4 New Data Feeds

African Financial & Economic Data Introduces 4 New Data Feeds

London, United Kingdom, March 15, 2017 – African Financial & Economic Data (AFED) a provider of definitive financial and economic intelligence on Africa and product of Exchange Data International, announces the release of 4 new Data Feeds.

To complement its comprehensive online platform of over 26.5 million data records and covering all 54 African economies, AFED now offers a range of electronic feeds designed to meet clients increasing demands for data which they can manipulate themselves.

AFED works as a subscription based, package system where subscribers can choose to see the data at country level (Country Profile package – comprising all 54 countries), sector level (Sector Focus package – comprising 15 sectors) or absolutely everything available in the database (Data Hub package –  organised in 7 datasets: Economic Data, Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, Fixed Income, Closing Prices, Stock Indices, Calendars).

“We are now pleased to announce the availability of a feed service containing the data from AFED’s database. This feed can be customised to include whatever datasets are of interest to the client. The feed will be of use to corporate and bank research departments; government departments and anybody doing in-depth macroeconomic research.” said Jonathan Bloch CEO of Exchange Data International

The latest 4 FTP Data Feeds are:

Country Profile Feed: A tailored version which includes specifically selected indicators for each country (± 3,000). Only the selected indicators for a specific country will be included in the feed.

Data Hub: Economic Data Feed, feed includes all economic data and it is laid out into 13 topics:

  • National Accounts
  • Government Finance
  • Money & Banking
  • Inflation, Prices & Wages
  • Balance of Payments & Trade
  • Total Debt: Domestic & External
  • Business & Industry
  • Resources & Energy
  • Employment, Income & Poverty
  • Politics, Government & Society
  • Population & Health
  • Education
  • Geography & Environment

Data Hub: Economic Calendar Feed: Provides the customer with expected and confirmed releases dates from local and international sources. The file extension is TXT, fields are tab delimited and every row is in a new line.

Data Hub: Key Interest Rates Feed: Allows subscribers to monitor key interest rates issued by all African countries. The file extension is TXT, fields are tab delimited and every row is in a new line.

“The Feeds are a mechanism to deliver information to our clients as fast as possible. Clients with their own in-house databases, will have the advantage of timely updates on their favourite indicators, countries and/or aggregates.” said Ilze Gouws, AFED Project Leader

Feeds for all other datasets under Data Hub will follow.

For anyone already with, or now seeking, an African footprint, AFED provides direct access to standardised, comprehensive and clear data, derived only from trusted, named sources.

Visit www.africadata.com for more detailed information on the different datasets and request a 1-month free trial.

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About African Financial & Economic Data

African Financial & Economic Data (AFED) is a product of Exchange Data International and provides definitive economic intelligence on Africa. AFED’s unparalleled overview of all 54 African economies provides interested parties in African countries with the detailed financial and economic information they need to make good political, financial, strategic and investment decisions. Learn more at https://www.africadata.com/