African Economic Data Consultancy Service

We have in-depth knowledge of different African markets with over 20 years of experience working in markets all over the continent and a network of contacts in most key cities.

Exchange Data International (EDI) helps the global community make informed decisions through the provision of fast, accurate, timely, and affordable reference and economic data services.

At EDI, we gather all the data, translates documents where necessary, and more importantly puts everything together in a standardized format to provide clients with direct access to the data they need.

Building on our current Economic Data Services, EDI has recently launched the African Economic Data Consultancy Service.

Economics is the discipline of business and it shapes the world we live in every day. In today’s world, we find a number of different platforms that provide economic data. Macroeconomic data is crucially important for understanding the current economic conditions of and forecasting future trends for a country, region, or sector. They are indispensable tools for policymakers to perform macroeconomic surveillance, and for analysts or fund managers to detect headwinds facing industries or firms while spotting valuable opportunities for their clients. However, one can have the best data in the world but if you do not know how to use or interpret the data to your best advantage, it means nothing. In many situations, businesses often struggle to process the data into actionable format and insights due to a lack of resources, time, and proper understanding.


This is where EDI can help!

As part of our many data solutions, we can help to conduct research and gather information on any specific topic, sector, or market. We have the capability to collect, analyze, and report data that can be used for problem-solving and decision-making. Not only do we gather the data in a usable format, but we can also put the results in a logical descriptive manner.

In the case study below, our client wanted to know more about Ethiopia and its challenges. Our client specifically asked for a short analysis (2 pages) as they do not have time to read long, drawn-out descriptions of each economic section of Ethiopia.


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