Data Hub

Get an Unparalleled Overview of African Economies with Full Access to

Over 15.5 Million Data Points

The Data Hub allows you to query each of the available seven datasets individually, produce time series analysis, extract the customised reports and easily comingle datasets.

Retrieve Specific
Economic Data
Access +15.5 million data records for +13,500 key economic and financial data indicators

AFED aggregates macroeconomic data from local, regional and international sources into one data platform. There are often several sources for each indicator, thus allowing you a variety of choices to choose from

Monitor Daily
Exchange Rates
Monitor daily foreign exchange rates and retrieve historical daily rates dating back to 1st January 1999.

Choose between base currency, day, range, daily, monthly and yearly

Keep up to date with economic calendars

Use the calendars to keep up to date with forthcoming events from multiple sources.

You will then receive notifications by email every time new information is released and sources are updated.

Economic Data

Be the first to hear about economic announcements including the release of latest GDP figures and changes to interest rate policies

African Public Holidays

Be notified when banks, stock exchanges and other financial institutions are closed for business
Easily Check
Up-to-Date Calendars
Get direct access to both Public Holidays and
Economic Calendar.

Keep up-to-date with Public Holidays - Indicates when banks, stock exchanges and other financial institutions are closed for business & Economic Calendar with expected and confirmed releases on local and International sources.

Make Informed Decisions

Data is Reported as Published by the Source
Gain valuable insight from the data's depth, breadth and scope
Display your data visually using the sophisticated charting functionality
Analyse data always accredited and reported as published by the source

Tailor Economic Data to your Own Criteria

Choose to Receive Economic Data either via:

The Online Platform

FTP Feeds
Country Profile, Sector Focus, Data Hub > Economic Data, Data Hub > Key Interest Rates, Data Hub > Economic Calendar

Application Program Interface(API)

Excel - Directly Query the Economic Data via Excel
Email Alerts (forthcoming)

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