Africa Global Funds

Africa Global Funds is a monthly magazine for asset management professionals and institutional investors worldwide interested in the African continent. The magazine is supported by a dedicated website, providing convenient online access to the magazine content, up-to-the-minute news updates, data and events information.

AGF was created as a relevant and engaging resource that can provide readers with an insight of what is going on in the African asset management space.

African Growth Partners Ltd.

African Growth Partners Ltd provides strategy and capital advisory with a focus on African capital markets, including securities exchanges, private equity and impact investing.

Their communications services include analysis, reports and news.

Africa House

Africa House is a not-for-profit social enterprise set up as a trade agency to promote bilateral trade between the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa. Its goal is to secure long term, sustainable trade and wealth building for both UK and African Markets.

The trade agency is backed by a cutting-edge trading and collaboration platform, which provides subscribers with device-agnostic, hi-tech resources and practical tools to assist UK and African companies trade successfully with each other.

Business Council for Africa

AFED is a member of the BCA

The Business Council for Africa (BCA) network, currently supports over 400 companies and entrepreneurs operating across the continent.

Africa is increasingly becoming a hub for global trade and investment. We work closely with our members to promote business opportunities and facilitate sustainable investment across the continent.


Corporate Council for Africa

AFED is a member of the CCA.

The Corporate Council for Africa (CCA) includes members from more than 180 companies, which represent nearly 85 percent of total U.S. private sector investments in Africa.

Our members range from America’s smallest to largest corporations. They represent a diverse pool of industries from more than 20 key sectors, including agribusiness, energy, infrastructure, security, power, health, telecommunications and finance.

D.A.R Partners

D.A.R. Partners helps companies and public agencies leverage data to improve decisions processes and create new markets for innovative data products and services.

D.A.R. is a preferred distribution partner of AFED information services for the U.S. Federal Government and other U.S.-based financial and commercial organizations and consultancies.

East View Information Services

East View is a leading provider of native and translated foreign language information products and services, including Russian, Chinese, and Arabic databases, print periodicals, books and microforms. The company serves all geographies and many market segments, including academic institutions, government organizations, corporations, public and federal libraries and law firms.

East View offers your organization a variety of critical information resources. We reliably deliver up-to-the-minute news on current events and the changing political winds, updates on new and draft legislation, elusive market data, financial figures, official standards, industry directories, and new advertising opportunities.

Exchange Data International (EDI)

Exchange Data International (EDI) helps the global financial community make informed decisions through the provision of fast, accurate, timely and affordable reference data services.

EDI is the leading expert in corporate actions reference data and pricing. The firm covers all major markets with special emphasis on emerging and frontier markets that are Africa, Asia, Far East, Latin America and Middle East.

EDI provides customised data sets and ad-hoc data feeds for Worldwide Corporate Actions, Worldwide Dividends, Global Closing Prices, Securities Reference Data.


Pangea-Risk is a specialist intelligence firm providing analysis and forecasts on political, security, and economic risk in Africa and the Middle East. The company was founded in 2015 as EXX Africa, rebranded as Pangea-Risk in 2020, and has since become a leading risk advisory and consultancy with a broad network of clients ranging from DFIs, banks, traders, corporates, and insurers, to governments, counter-terrorism, and military forces worldwide.