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Exchange Data International ("EDI") - Website Terms of Use


1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

When you register on our website to receive information about EDI products and services, or when you contact us for product support and related services, certain of the information you provide to us, such as your name and contact details-including, but not limited to, your 'work title', your email address, your fixed line and mobile phone numbers ("the Information") - is collected by EDI. Current legislation describes much of this Information as personal information ("Personal Information"), which is entitled to specific legal protections. The Personal Information we collect is used to provide you with the data products and services which we have contracted to provide to you or to your organisation, and for internal analytics to assist us in improving our products and services.

You are not required to provide Personal Information to us, but, without it, you may have difficulties in accessing our website or services.

We may also provide you from time to time with information about new and existing EDI products and services. Should you wish that we do not use your Personal Information for these purposes, please notify us at

We will only hold Personal Information for as long as there is a business purpose to do so, and, unless required by legislation, such retention periods should not exceed twenty-four months from the date you or your organisation ceases to be an EDI client.

Should you believe that the Personal Information about you which we hold is not correct, please contact us at


2. Security of Personal Information

All of EDI's databases, including those holding Personal Information, are protected by the same technical devices and physical systems and processes. Your own security is enhanced by your use of a password as part of your log-in details.


3. Disclosure of Personal Information

Except as described herein, we do not share Personal Information with any third parties. There are a limited number of circumstances when your Personal Information may be disclosed outside of EDI. These may include, inter alia, where we reasonably believe (i) there is a legal requirement for us to do so; (ii) to protect the interests, rights, safety, or property of EDI or others; and (iii) to properly perform or enforce any agreement with you or the EDI client you represent.


4. Cookies, and Equivalent Technologies

EDI uses website management technologies called cookies; a cookie is information that a website puts on your hard disk so that it can remember something about your use of our site should you visit it at a later time. We use cookies so that we can recognise you when you return to our website and to assist us in providing better service to you. You may elect to disable cookies via your browser, but, if you do so, certain aspects of our website may be unavailable to you or may not function as intended.


5. Your Consent

By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies and the collection and use of your Personal Information, in accordance with this Website Terms of Use. If you do not agree with some or all of the terms, you may not be permitted to access our products and services.


6. Notification of Changes

We reserve the right to change or modify our Website Terms of Use, and all such changes and revisions will be posted on our website. Your use of our website following any such change or revision constitutes your agreement to be bound by the revised Website Terms of Use.

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